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Beautiful World Map

The Globecraft world map is one of high quality, with beautiful terrain and a large amount of land for you to settle on. The map was created by Reddit user stongduke using accurate real-life data. The world is free for you to explore, whether it be visiting your real life location, enjoying the gorgeous mountains or just wandering around, so do not hesitate to join and explore it for yourself!

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Unique Nation Plugin

Globecraft is run on an exclusive plugin called Guilds, with a unique nation mechanic and many other features. Will you rule over a nation, state or a town, or will you settle down and live a simple yet eventful life as a merchant, mercenary, explorer, or banker? Through Guilds, it is up to you to decide your own destiny. The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination.

Player-run Economy

The economy on Globecraft is run by the players, and the currency is gold ingots. By holding the item you want to sell in your hand, pointing your cursor at a chest and then writing /qs create [price], you can create your own shop to trade with other players. You can also trade directly with another player. On Globecraft, there are many ways to get gold. Some ways to get gold is through taxing your people, mining, trading with other players and voting for the server.

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